Analysing the Numbers
Analysing the Numbers

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Our Mission

Our team is comprised of experts in both academia and industry experts who provide a diverse perspective on all of your data challenges. All of our team members either have graduate degrees in technical fields or extensive experience as data science, big data, and data analytics professionals in the Fortune 500.

​At Mentor Analytics we use math, statistics, data science and modeling to help business use their data effectively and aid in decision making.

Our models are sophisticated enough to incorporate the complexities of business but simple enough to identify key businesses drivers and metrics. We strive for transparency, high-quality communication, and deep thinking to aid you in making the most of your data.  

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A New Approach to A/B testing

It is common practice and assumption that data should be measured at a 95% statistical significance. This new approach shows that this long-standing practice might actually not be the best method.