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Our Team

Wesley Engers
Managing Director, Statistics and Data Modeling Expert

Wesley Engers is an expert in Statistics, Data Science, Data Analytics, Mathematics, Modeling and their applications. He has extensive experience advising people and companies to gather and use their data to make informed decisions and drive growth. He has consulted on projects involving ranking algorithms, A/B testing, data visualizations, statistical modeling and beyond. Wesley was an Associate Statistician at Symantec (Fortune 500) focusing on Order Process Improvement (Six Sigma), Marketing Analytics, and pricing and discounting improvement. He received his Masters of Science in Mathematics from Claremont Graduate School and his Bachelors in Mathematics and Finance from Santa Clara University.

Kalym Lipsey
Survey and Research Expert


Kalym Lipsey is an expert in survey design, administration, analysis, and interpretation of results. He has formulated, distributed and analyzed the results of over 400 surveys in a wide range of industries including start-ups, small businesses, and large corporations. He has a vast experience utilizing surveys to help companies make better-informed decisions and gain insight into audiences they are engaging with.

He received his Bachelors in Business Sciences in Marketing/Management from Waikato Institute of Technology,
a Bachelors of Arts and Masters of Arts in Sociology from Massey University; and is currently a PhD Candidate at Massey University.

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Jimmy Nguyen
Data Engineer and Data Modeling Expert

Jimmy Nguyen is an analytics professional with 7 years of work experience at various Fortune 500 tech companies in the Silicon Valley. Currently, he is employed full-time as a Data Scientist at LinkedIn, where he applies his analytical expertise to help Business Operations, Executives, and Product Managers make data-driven decisions with respect to long-term company strategy. He has experience working on the entire data life cycle, from data engineering and pipelining (RDBMS, Hadoop, SQL, Pig, Hive, Spark), to analysis/statistical modeling, visualization, and presentation of results (R, Tableau, Excel, Powerpoint). He is due to complete his Masters of Science in Statistics at San Jose State University in 2020, and received his Bachelors in Mathematics and Finance from Santa Clara University.

Hassan Shallal
Machine Learning Expert

Hassan Shallal is pragmatic problem solver with a track record of innovation and execution. He spent 15 years doing research in the field of drug discovery, where he was granted a patent, had multiple patent applications and published works. He shifted gears four years ago, by delving into the world of machine learning and data science and has developed efficient and working systems tackling supervised classification or regression problems. He is proficient in several machine learning and deep learning frameworks including: scikit-learn, tensorflow, keras, pytorch, mxnet, etc. He delivered efficient and competitive solutions to a wide array of problems such as: natural language processing/understanding, computer vision classification tasks, and prediction of the severity of insurance claims. He received his PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from University of the Pacific and received his postdoctoral training at Johns Hopkins University.

Colin Hagemeyer
Mathematics and Modeling Expert

Colin Hagemeyer specializes in mathematics, machine learning, and statistics. After doing research in the mathematics of symmetry, he transitioned to applying his knowledge to data science and machine learning. He has experience clustering noisy text data sets to supplement searches, along with applying domain knowledge to improve deep learning performance. He is proficient with popular Python packages like Pandas, Scikit-learn, Pytorch, and Tensorflow, in addition to supplementary languages like SQL and Spark. He received his PhD in Mathematics at UC Davis.

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