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1. Customer Segmentation

We take your data and find the intrinsic/mathematical connections and relations between each data point and cluster those that are highly similar. We examine each cluster and identify the defining characteristics of each grouping.

Case Studies: Optometry Market Segmentation, Online Customer Habits

2. Predictive Analytics

We use your existing data to make predictions about future customer or operational behavior.

Case Studies: Online Auction, Employee Selection

3. Sentiment Analysis

We examine any text data (including reviews or customer feedback), comb each text for key sentiment words, and deliver your customer feelings over time or by group/segmentation. 

4. Program/Marketing Effectiveness

We take existing data you have on your marketing programs and use it to evaluate the before and after effects of programs implemented. Alternatively, we can help you design a good evaluation program before the program is implemented for superior results.

Case Study: Customer Retail Evaluation

5. Key-Drivers Analysis

After identifying KPIs we run analysis on your data to find the most impactful and largest drivers for each those KPIs.

Case Study: Price Matching


*These are our top services but we provide customized solutions of all kinds (see Case Studies for some examples). We can work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs*
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